"These ladies are awesome." -Barb

"Eliza Grace loved getting to see Pennies and Roses today! You ladies are amazing!" -The Johnsons

"We really enjoyed hearing you play at the Candleberry Tea House today! We always love that place, but you made it extra special! You need to be on Woodsongs! " -Ritchey

"Pat and I went to see (Pennies & Roses) tonight at Harvest on Main Street in Shelbyville tonight. The show was great and the ice cream was excellent. There was a good turnout of friends and family." -Dan
We would like to introduce ourselves. We are Pennies & Roses, a unique duo band made up of two small town girls, Très bien Gambino and Allison Owens. We are based out of the beautiful state of Kentucky. Allison is a gifted musician of many talents which include: beautiful singing, songwriting, guitar and piano playing. She has a beautiful son that fills her days with joy and laughter. Très bien is a gifted musician and her lovely talents include: beautiful singing and guitar playing. She has a  wonderful family that consists of three incredible rambunctious boys and a supportive loving husband. They fill her with immeasureable joy.

Allison and Très bien first met during their Freshman year at a small Christian highschool (in 2001). Both new students, they quickly became friends and soon discovered their mutual love of music. They started out on the school's praise band and before they knew it, were asked to perform the national anthem mulitiple times at home basketball games, special music at graduations, and lead small groups of worship. Over the years their reputation proceeded them and people continued to ask for "Très bien and Allison" to perform at their next big event (weddings, graduations, home games, special music at churches, etc...). This is how Pennies & Roses was formed.

 About The Name:
The name "Pennies & Roses" was chosen in honor of our mothers, Penny and Rose. We are our mother's daughters; daughters of musicians; daughters of singers, dreamers, life changers; strong, able, beautiful, and confident. 

We are